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May 6, 2009
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KOTOR 3 - The Operative by SpectorKnight KOTOR 3 - The Operative by SpectorKnight
KOTOR III: Twilight War character number two.

Garis Krieg, the Operative
Species: Human
Homeworld: Sluis Van
Age: 27

“Captain Garis Krieg reporting for duty. What’s my target and how soon do you need it gone?”

One of the foremost agents of the Republic’s fledgling Office of Judicial Intelligence, Garis Krieg is an elite commando and field agent, intensely trained in intelligence, counter-intelligence and urban warfare. Instructed not only by Republic navy and judicial officers but also by Mandalorian warriors sent from Dxun, the Operative is able to survive and excel in any situation. Taciturn in attitude and brief in speech, the Operative often comes across as blunt and humorless to others. However Krieg is a tactical and pragmatic thinker with a love of irony and understatement. His latest assignment has seen him partnered with a Jedi Seeker named Naia Sunfell, on am mission to the Ennth system, Though Garis knows the value of improvisation and unorthodox thinking, he finds the Seeker’s habit of pursuing every lead at the same time and doggedly helping every pathetic life-form she encounters to be trying at best, and and often clashes with the much more idealistic Jedi over the exact nature and methods of their mission.

Garis wears a cutting-edge Republic infiltration suit made of reflective Ferroplast alloy and modified for field operations. It is air-tight to protect against vacuums and germ weapons, contains air-filters and an oxygen supply of two hours as well as numerous high-frequency sensors and utility equipment. His personal weapon is a modified Aratech T-14 Assault Blaster with Tri-Light scope and an underslung Ion Bolter attachment for anti-droid use, but he is trained in a variety of both armed and unarmed combat techniques, especially the use of vibroswords.

Author notes:
SpectorKnight: “Garis Krieg’s surname, if you don’t know, is an homage to my favorite character from Legacy, Ganner Krieg, whose name was an homage to another bad-ass, Ganner Rhysode. I guess I’m just keeping the cycle going. His physical appearance, (ZERO designed his face) and personality are both strongly influenced by Daniel Craig’s James Bond, particularly in Casino Royale. He’s a character that’s always been driven to succeed, and he’s not someone you want to mess with either. He has a very interesting relationship with the Seeker because, even though he’s not exactly by the book himself, she operates by an entirely different one and rather loosely at that. What annoys him a lot is how effective her seemingly ineffective methods can be. He’s one of those people who really don’t understand how the Force works for the Jedi, and he’d sort of prefer it to stay that way. Also he was brought up near the shipyards of Sluis Van during last part of the Jedi Civil War, so he has a real love of spacecraft of any kind. It’s sort of his only interest beyond performing to the best of his ability in missions. He also likes cartography. Maps and stuff.”

ZEROresolution: “We went though like eight different color schemes for him before Spector was finally able to decide on black and orange. The armor is all Spector’s in this case, but I designed his helmet. It’s supposed to have a Mandalorian influence to it. Also he keeps a claw-shaped knife on the back of his belt, even though you can’t see it.”
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solarom Featured By Owner May 27, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really like his pragmatic, no-nonsense personality. And the armor looks intimidating in a good way. Fits the wearer, I guess. :D
SpectorKnight Featured By Owner May 27, 2009
Thanks. I'm glad you like the design. :)
Faeries-And-Phantoms Featured By Owner May 9, 2009
Very very cool. Love the face, it has so much personality.
SpectorKnight Featured By Owner May 9, 2009
Intimidating personality.
Ahh thats tha word I was trying to think of :D
Emperor-Fenrisulfr Featured By Owner May 7, 2009   Photographer
I like this guy a lot. His outfit reminds me of a costume in KotOR...I don't quite remember which, but it was called Something..."Exoskeleton". Though it was colored blue. I liked that and I love this. Especially his Mandalore the Ultimate Mask. ;D
SpectorKnight Featured By Owner May 7, 2009
Thanks. The power-lines on his torso and arms are pretty much directly inspired by that one suit, which I thought typified KOTOR armor pretty well.
Vagrant-Samurai Featured By Owner May 9, 2009  Student Artist
I whole heartily agree. :3
CorranFett Featured By Owner May 7, 2009
Woah, sweet job on him! :horns: His suit looks really kick-ass, I dig the Mando influence, as well as the Daniel Craig influence on looks and character. His armor seems to be a bit inspired by the Crysis nano suit and the suit of the main character in TimeShift. Especially the helmet reminds me of that. TimeShift is a mediocre game, but the idea is great, and especially the two trailers just rock: [link] [link]

Garis's got a nice backstory and seems to have a fitting character, although probably a little clichéd, but you can't really help that. I like the part about him being annoyed by Sunfell's "following every lead"... it's so true, because all those little quests in a game are often an unrealistic thing to do for someone who's got a bigger task.

So that's who you were talking about, then. :D Another Krieg, eh? ;P The backstory for his surname sure is a profound one, as I already like that also in-universe, names are shared, as it's not unlikely at all for parents to name their kids after war heroes of old. It's actually quite surprising that names like Luke, Han, Lando, Wedge, Leia, etc. aren't seen more in any post-RotJ EU. Then again, of course, we do have an Anakin Solo and a Ben Skywalker, which is a start... as is Ganner Krieg.^^

Aaanyway, back to Garis Krieg. His first name sounds great, works well for a military type of guy. How do you actually pronounce Krieg in English? "Creeg" (sort of like "greed"), like in German?

I'm definitely looking forward to that vignette showcasing their relationship and characters more.
SpectorKnight Featured By Owner May 7, 2009
All right then. First off, I'm acutally surprised how much of a similarity his armor bears to the Timeshift suit. I'd acutally never seen the game until now, As for the somewhat stock elements of his character, they will be fleshed out as we add the vignette's and plot synopsis installments.

Yes, Krieg is pronounced like that in English. His first name is lifted from the word Garrison, as in the military area or unit. His part in the story is a bit more complicated then it at first seems, as he has a mission of his own that the Jedi Seeker may not yet know about.
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